Getting Started

Wow it has been so long since I have written anything it’s almost pitiful; but being a mom will do that to you.

When I was growing up I never expected to become a mom, I was too busy wrapped up in school the thought never even crossed my mind. It’s funny how things change… priorities too. This life is very rewarding though. My little ones and my husband mean more to me than writing ever has, but here recently I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. Blogging seemed like a good place to start, whenever there is a free moment that is.

Being a mom has been interesting to say the least, there truly never is a dull moment. Even now while sitting at this computer I’m constantly looking over into the living room to see what my eldest is up to. Lucky for me he just absolutely loves “The Lion King 2, Simbas Pride.” I can actually get some things done when he takes the time to watch it. He really is a treasure. Now at a year and four months old, little Michael is getting into everything. Whether it be the storage stand with all of the blankets and pillows, or the VHS tapes near the bottom of the movie stand. He just can’t help himself.

I plan to start on another novel this year for the National Novel Writing Month in November. I’m not sure quite yet what I’ll be writing about, but I would like to say that my determination to finish with 50,000 words will get me through; even with all the distractions that are bound to happen. It’s very exciting to be even thinking about NaNoWriMo, there for about four years in a row I participated in the event; however trying to juggle two kids has put a major set back on the writing front. Things are just a little bit different now, for some reason I have finally found a way to manage my time so that writing can be apart of my life again. I’m very thankful to my husband for supporting me in this adventure, and for helping me with some ideas.

Wish me luck all of those other moms out there who know how difficult these things can be, because of our love for our little ones.


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