6 Tips for Getting Through Writers Block

art painting on walls
Photo by ShonEjai on Pexels.com

Writing a story can be difficult, especially if you get stuck with what to do next. Sometimes the words just can’t get out of your brain and onto the page. That’s okay, many writers face the very same problem, and that problem is called writers block. Characters just don’t want to talk with you, or scenes just don’t play out the way you seem them in your mind. Here are six simple tips to getting through writers block.


1.) If you get stuck on a scene move on to the next… There is no sense trying to figure out what to do in a writer’s block situation when you already have another idea running toward you at full speed.

2.) Dream sequences can be the life saver to moving your story along… Most of the time I finish my chapters up by putting my characters to bed, sometimes their dreams can be the inspiration I need to keep going.

3.) Never underestimate the power of a mentor… Sometimes your characters find themselves in a rut and the only way to move them along is to have some wisdom and advice thrown their way.

4.) Describe, describe, describe… Don’t be afraid to bore yourself with the texture of curtains, couches, the smell of clothes or candles, the sound of the regular outside world. These things can actually bring your story to life so take the time to notice the color of the walls.

5.) Write with confidence… Remember if you don’t like something you have written leave it alone until you finish telling the story, that way you don’t stop the flow and who knows? You may come to like it later on.

6.) Leave the editing for later… Don’t worry about grammar, or plot holes until you are done telling the story! That way when you do stop to edit you already know how it ends so you can add or take away anything you want as long as it gets you to the end of the story.




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