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So I have recently discovered this wonderful app by browsing through the Google play store, and I’ll tell ya it’s pretty darn amazing. It’s so amazing in fact, that if I’m not careful I’ll end up spending more money than I originally planned. On the up side though, I was able to order this beautiful medieval style gown for my Halloween costume. I’m very excited to be going as a spider queen!

On another note, there were some really useful items on there as well. Like this awesome lotion I found for stretch marks. It was originally twenty some dollars, but because of my previous purchases it was free! I just had to pay shipping and handling, which was only two dollars. I highly recommend checking this app out. They also have a nice check-in bonus. If you long into the app once a day for seven days, you can get up to fifty percent off of one item! My eldest son Michael is just about to start potty training, so that extra fifty percent will be very useful. There was this nice baby potty/urinal seat that I found, it was going to be close to forty dollars at Wall-Mart. I was able to find it on Wish for seven dollars.

One of the only downfalls I’ve found so far is, the women’s clothing sizes are all about two sizes smaller than American charts. After this last pregnancy I’ve had to admit my size as a XXL, well on Wish I have to make sure I’m getting the correct size which would be a XXXXL on the site. It may sound like a big deal but it’s really not. I’m a fan of the amount of stylish dresses and shirts they have. They also have very nice lingerie that I can actually fit into. All of it is at a reasonable price too.

So long story short, if you are a mom on a budget, this is a great app for you!



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