Starting On My New Novel

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So I have decided to go ahead and start my NaNoWriMo novel early this year. Why you might ask? Well the idea has been brewing for a few years now, and the last thing I want to do is wait until November to start it. To be honest I was afraid I would lose the motivation to start. Just to be able to write consistently enough that I won’t lose any steam by the time November does finally show up. I just told myself, “Gwenn stop being lazy and just write the damn thing!” And if I happen to finish it before the month of NaNo is over, I can start something new.

I do eagerly await for that time when I can actually track my progress though. NaNo certainly has some nice features for tracking your average word count daily. Until then I’ll just try to impress myself with some massive word counts to make me feel better about the project.

I’m going to be trying something new for this novel. I will try not to edit one single thing until the first draft is finished. If you readers are anything like me when it comes to writing, it is one of the hardest things to do not to edit your work as you go. It can be a major problem though. To this day I have only ever finished one novel, and that is because I get caught up in editing. I nit pick too much so I’ll end up changing things before the project is finished, and in the end I could be hurting the story without even knowing it.

Another major change this time around, is I already have most of my main characters outlined in what I want them to accomplish in the story. I have their back stories sorted, and what kind of things they will acquire over time. Whether that be skills and abilities, or just general life experiences. Hopefully that way my characters won’t go off on their own, and change the story completely.

The outline for the whole adventure is worked out, at least the bare bones of one. I have a beginning, a middle, and an end planned out. And I’m pleased to say that the ending has a possible opening for a sequel. Once I’m finished with the rough draft I will be posting it chapter by chapter for comments, reviews, and critiques on a site called Scribophile. It’s a wonderful place to get help with editing advice, they use a point system. In order to post your work for critique you must first offer critiques for other peoples works. I have found that helping others edit their work, it helps me with my own. It gets easier to spot mistake in your own work when you can see them in others.

All in all I feel really great about this turn in events,

and I have to give God all of the credit for allowing me to do this. I truly believe that it was His plan that gave me the opportunity to stay home with the little ones, so I would also have the time to do the things that I love. Thank you Jesus!

If there are questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact me. My contact information is on the front page. Catch ya later!


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